Our Story

Hello! My name is Glinnae Gannon, Owner of Bles3ings Boutique. I grew up a P.K. (Preacher’s Kid) in Nixa, a small town in southwestern Missouri.
I love my hometown, and chose to stay here my whole life. I raised my 3 - (hence the “3” in our shop name, Bles3ings Boutique) - beautiful children in the next town over, in Ozark, MO.
It has been a Dream of mine for quite some time to open my own business, more specifically a beautiful Women's Clothing & Gift Boutique on the Square in Ozark. I worked with UPS for over 15 years, and have spent the rest in Real Estate Sales. I did not know how or even when it would be possible to start pursuing my passion, but I’ve never given up.
I have learned, sometimes those Dreams happen in the most unlikely of ways. It often takes a huge step of Faith to make that move…and that’s exactly what I did. As with every story, there are struggles to overcome, mountains to climb, and odds to beat. Keep moving…keep pushing forward…keep climbing…keep dreaming.
I have been Blessed with a wonderful family, a fantastic support network of friends, and most importantly my Faith which has kept me moving forward through some of the hardest times in my life. Once I made the choice to put the fear behind me, everything started to fall in to place.
It is just amazing how God can offer His Sweetest Blessings through your most difficult and trying times. My 3 Beautiful children, Channler, Cyler, and Crozbi have always been and always will be my sweetest Blessings, and the inspiration for my shop name.
I wanted to share My Story with you. Maybe you are in the middle of a great struggle, maybe you are making plans to fulfill your biggest Dreams. Hold on…God’s got you.
My prayer for you is that you too will…
Find your Blessings in every season of life!
Hope to see you soon!
Shop Owner Bles3ings Boutique
Blessings Boutique
Gannon Family Image "My Blessings"